Calendar of Global Environmental Events

February 2nd – World Wetlands Day

March 6th – International Energy Saving Day

March 22nd – World Water Day

March 23rd – World Meteorological Day

April 18th – World Heritage Day

April 22nd – Earth Day

May 10th – World Bird and Three Day

May 15th – International Climate Action Day

May 22nd – International Day for Biological Diversity

May 24th – European Parks Day

June 5th – World Environment Day

June 8th – World Ocean Day

July 1st – World Architecture Day

September 16th – International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

September 22nd – European Car Free Day

The third weekend of September – Clean Up the World Campaign

September 26th – Clean Mountains Day

October 1st – World Habitat Day

October 4th – World Animals Day

October 21st – Save Our Planet Day

November 29th – Buy Nothing Day

December 29th – World Biodiversity Conservation Day