Demonstration for a liveable future

On the 21st of June 2019, 12 PM Friday the second Fridays For Future (FFF) movement will take place in Bačka Topola, behind the town library. The 21st century’s youngsters from all over the world have raised awareness about the problem. They want a favourable climate on the Earth.

Last August a Swedish student, Greta Thunberg started this movement, saying: ,,Why study if we don’t have a future?”. Since then, 164 countries joined the FFF movement, in Serbia three cities, including Bačak Topola.

We think that the production of plastics, deforestation, CO2 emissions and the pollution of the ocean should all be drastically reduced. These all contribute to the extinction of many species. Many think that we still have time, but in reality we don’t. We have to act now, otherwise in a few hundred years our civilization will come to an end.

The Arcus Ecological Association from Bačka Topola is committed to this initiative therefore everyone is encouraged to take part.

Let’s meet on Friday and let’s make our future better!

Please share your thoughts!