Photo, drawing and literary contest

The idea to draw attention to the beauty of nature through photo contest came up at the very beginning (in 1988) of association’s work. Realization of this idea was one of the first steps in association’s work, right after different sections were formed. In 1991 the first photo contest was organized in cooperation with “Prizma” photo club. The theme of contest was about nature and the photographs arrived all over the province of Vojvodina. Expert jury chose the best works, of which a one week exhibition was held in National technique hall. After this, Arcus Ecological Association organized three more exhibitions, the last one in 1994. The mentioned exhibitions were realised with help of Railway Mountain Ski Society “Bačka”.

According to that the photo contest was designed for adults, experience showed the need for contest more appropriate to children. So in 1993, simultaneously to photo contest, drawing and literary contests were organized for primary and secondary school students. After the first two years of difficulties in organization, the contests and the following drawings exhibition ended as a fruitful spring action. For example, in 1997, when the theme of contest was “What would it be like if animals ruled the Earth?”, 162 drawings and 88 essays arrived for contest. The best drawings could be seen on exhibition in the House of culture hall.

This kind of acction was held in 2002 for the last time.