Wintertime indoor education programme

One of the main goals of this organization is the environmental education of new generations and the public informing and training. This is the reason why the need of an educational, scientific program was recognized at the very beginning of association’s work. The first lectures were dedicated to specific events (Earth Day, World Environment Day) or organized for further training of the members. By spring of 1995, we already had a health-related series (AIDS, fight against tobacco, cancer etc.) organized in cooperation with the Red Cross.

Wintertime indoor education programme as an independent event was organized for the first time in 1997, from the beginning planned to be a scientific and educational programme. By years, the sites of events have changed. In some years the programmes were organized in Gorica hall, in others in the National Library of Bačka Topola, but mostly in the House of Culture`s exhibition hall. These lectures had about 25-30 visitors, but in some cases more than 70 visitors were present. Every year, during a period of 10 years, Arcus organized 8 to 10 lectures accompanied with film projections. Since 2007, the series of lectures have been called the Museum Evenings and these activities are organized in cooperation with the House of Culture. Every Tuesday, from January to April, 4 lectures about nature conservation and environment protection are organized by Arcus, and other 4 are organized by the House of Culture. So far our guests were more than 50 lecturers from Serbia and Hungary, all well-known experts in different fields of science. From The University of Novi Sad our guests were Dr Pál Bózsa, a botanist, Dr Mihály Mikes, and Dr János Berényi. Among well-known biologists, Klára Szabados, a councilor of Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia, was our lecturer many times, together with István Hulló and József Gergely. Eminent Hungarian guests were Dr Ottó Zomboti, an astronomer, and Dr Iván Gyulai, an ecologist. Organizers regularly work with local young professionals too. Year by year, the themes are wide-ranging: nature conservation practices, nutrition, environment protection, reproduction of insects, protected species, etc.

In recent years, the House of Culture of Bačka Topola was a great partner in organization of Wintertime indoor education programme. But, we have to mention constant lack of money and other organizational problems.